Huge thank you to Nick Adrian at Cinneccentric for the excellent write-up on Range Runners.

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“…(Philip S.) Plowden and writer Devon Colwell craft (MEL) in a way that causes the audience to take to her from the start and that interest only increases throughout the film. The viewer worries for her life throughout the runtime and prays for her recovery. While this aspect of the character obviously comes from the writers, it is (Celeste M.) Cooper that gives Mel her depth; she takes what makes her human and accentuates it…”

-Nick Adrian, Cineccentric


The News Tribune features RANGE RUNNERS at Gig Harbor


Special thanks to Jake Gregg at The News Tribune for featuring Range Runners and director, Philip S. Plowden in this article showcasing Gig Harbor Film Festival.

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Tickets are still on sale for the Washington State premiere of Range Runners at the 2019 Gig Harbor film festival. Click here to purchase.


RANGE RUNNERS Official Selection at Nashville Film Festival


We are thrilled to announce that Range Runners will have TWO screenings at the 50th Annual Nashville Film Festival This festival attracts over 15,000 attendees per year and is considered one of the top festivals to attend and travel to.

First Screening: Sunday, October 6th at 6pm CT

Second Screening: Tuesday, October 8th at 12:30pm CT,

Location: Regal Hollywood 27 in Theater 8.

Hope to see you there. Click here to purchase tickets.



‘Range Runners’ Sprints Its Way to SAFilm

‘Range Runners’ Sprints Its Way to SAFilm


Thank you so much to R.C. Samo at Fanboy Nation for seeing Range Runners at San Antonio Film Festival and for the awesome review!

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“To think that an indie film could be this powerful without being cliche is something I have longed for from a film festival entry and Range Runners did not disappoint me in the least. The Illinois based company Fatal Funnel Films that produced Range Runners, definitely gave us a unique story that is rarely seen in American films.”

-Fanboy Nation
R.C. Samo