RANGE RUNNERS REVIEW: B-Sides and Badlands


Thank you to Jason Scott at B-Sides and Badlands for taking the time to review Range Runners.

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…the story to redemption ultimately flies higher than you could predict. (Celeste M. Cooper’s) performance is an altogether vast array of emotions, which zig-zag from red-eyed rage to tear-jerking devastation to full-on carnivore mode, and along her path, both literal and metaphorical, the viewer engages with each of those character beats with colorful nuance.

-B-Sides and Badlands
Jason Scott


RANGE RUNNERS Texas Premiere at San Antonio Film Festival


Range Runners has been accepted into the 25th annual SAFILM - San Antonio Film Festival! The screening takes place on Thursday, August 1st at 9:00pm, at the Tobin Center for the Performing Arts.

Festival passes are available online here.

Check back soon for updates on where to purchase individual tickets.


Celeste M. Cooper interviewed by HorrorNews.net


Range Runners star, Celeste M. Cooper was interviewed by Janel Spiegel at HorrorNews.net. Click here to read the article.

“I end up being drawn to the film in a couple different ways. Like Mel, I ran track amongst other sports and my dad really pushed me. I was raised with tough love and always kind of developed this resilient fighting type side of myself. I felt like I was really drawn to relationship between the father and the daughter.”

-Celeste M. Cooper
Interview with HorrorNews.net


RANGE RUNNERS wins multiple awards at Twister Alley


Twister Alley International Film Festival was SUCH an amazing time! Thank you Josh Hope and Tj Treece for creating such an awesome space to share film. We loved being surrounded by great people with deep passion and gifts for filmmaking. We also took home five awards including:

"Crystal Twister" Audience Award for Best Film
Best Actress Feature - Celeste M. Cooper
Best Actor Feature - Sean Patrick Leonard
Best Director - Philip S. Plowden
Best Poster - Sydney Sherman

Congratulations to all of our winners and thank you again to Twister Alley International Film Festival.


Philip. S. Plowden wins Best Director at Artemis Women in Action Film Festival


Congratulations to Range Runners director Philip S. Plowden for winning Best Director at  Artemis Women in Action Film Festival! Huge thank you to Artemis Motion Pictures and festival director, Melanie Wise!




Thank you to The Horror Report for an excellent write-up of Range Runners.

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“Throughout the whole film there is a sense of foreboding, a sense of ever-present unrest and uneasiness, as the film progresses on.  It’s so heavy you almost start to feel a little uncomfortable, like you want to adjust in your seat or give yourself a few self-soothing touch gestures like wrap your arms around yourself or start gently rocking yourself.”

-The Horror Report