Philip. S. Plowden wins Best Director at Artemis Women in Action Film Festival


Congratulations to Range Runners director Philip S. Plowden for winning Best Director at  Artemis Women in Action Film Festival! Huge thank you to Artemis Motion Pictures and festival director, Melanie Wise!




Thank you to The Horror Report for an excellent write-up of Range Runners.

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“Throughout the whole film there is a sense of foreboding, a sense of ever-present unrest and uneasiness, as the film progresses on.  It’s so heavy you almost start to feel a little uncomfortable, like you want to adjust in your seat or give yourself a few self-soothing touch gestures like wrap your arms around yourself or start gently rocking yourself.”

-The Horror Report


Cast of RANGE RUNNERS interviewed by FabTV


FabTV covered Range Runners’ world premiere, red carpet event. They talked with the cast of Range Runners including, lead actress Celeste M. Cooper, Sean Patrick Leonard, and Mariah Gordon. Thank you to Sade Spencer at FabTV for the coverage.

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World Premiere of RANGE RUNNERS


We had an absolutely amazing world premiere of Range Runners at Artemis Motion Pictures’ Artemis Women In Action Film Festival. It couldn’t have been more perfect. Thank you to everyone involved.


RANGE RUNNERS interview with AGENDA Magazine


Thank you to Kaylene People’s at Agenda Magazine for interviewing Range Runners. The article features insight into the making of the film from director Philip S. Plowden, writer Devon Colwell, producer Christian Crocker, and lead acctress Celeste M. Cooper.

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