Above all else, at Fatal Funnel Films story is paramount. Story is the life-blood of our company; it is what drives us and compels us.

Writing a great script isn’t an easy task. Too often, scripts are passed on by agents, producers, and script competitions due to correctable pitfalls and issues. Using our insider knowledge and experience, we can provide honest, reliable feedback and locate potential issues in your script before you send it off.

Whether you’re a first time writer or a seasoned veteran just looking for a dependable set of eyes, Fatal Funnel Films can provide you with detailed script analysis and constructive feedback. We use industry standard scoring to assess the strengths and weaknesses of your script without the industry standard price.

From a gritty, dilapidated farmhouse to a sleek and elegant urban loft, Fatal Funnel Films has got you covered.  Our team has years of experience in finding and managing locations for various types of productions including: studio and independent feature films, network television series, commercials, and short films.  We have an extensive archive consisting of hundreds of pre-scouted locations that we can pull for you upon request. If you’re looking for something we don’t have or something more specific, we will send out our expert scouting team to find it for you.