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Son of renowned photographer David Plowden, Philip is no stranger to the importance of well-crafted imagery. The Winnetka native graduated from Columbia College Chicago’s film program, where he fell in love with the process of visual storytelling. His ambition paid off, co-producing the award-winning feature film Chicago Overcoat, which received a wide release on several platforms, including a domestic premiere on the Showtime Channel. Philip then became the Unit Production Manager for the Illinois Department of Transportation's Click it or Ticket "Cops Everywhere" public service announcement, which won Outstanding Achievement for Public Service Campaign at the 2008-2009 Chicago/Midwest Emmy® Awards. In 2013, Philip served as an Associate Producer and the Location Manager on the independent film Dig Two Graves, a mystical thriller that utilized various parts of southern Illinois for filming. Philip continues to find success on a variety of studio and independent projects, including working on Dick Wolf’s NBC drama Chicago PD: Seasons 1, 2, 3, and 4 and Steve McQueen’s heist drama, Widows. In 2014, Philip co-founded Fatal Funnel Films, an independent production company with writing and producing partner, Devon Colwell. In 2015, Philip became a member of the prestigious Director's Guild of America. Most recently, Philip directed Fatal Funnel Film's short-length thriller film, Cellar Door, for which he won an “Emerging Artist” award at the 2017 Twister Alley International Film Festival.

devon colwell

Storytelling is an intrinsic part of the human experience, and throughout his life it has been a driving force for Devon Colwell. A passionate movie buff, and one of Stephen King’s dear constant readers, Devon decided he would become a novelist early on. After years of developing and honing his craft, Devon put his skills to the test at the College of DuPage in 2002, where he studied journalism and copy editing. In 2004, Devon joined the military, hoping to learn something of the human condition firsthand as an infantryman in the United States Marine Corps. After four years and two combat deployments to the battlefields of the Al Anbar Province in Iraq, Devon ended his active duty tenure in the Marines in 2008 and enrolled in the University of Illinois in Chicago. There he learned to channel his passion for storytelling through new mediums, eventually graduating with honors in 2012 with a focus on film and moving image. Since then, Devon has divided his time between working full time in the film industry and pursuing his first love of the written word, publishing his first short story and completing work on two novels. With industry experience in both feature films and network television, including credits in the Wachowski’s Jupiter Ascending and four seasons of NBC’s Chicago PD, Devon set out to combine his talents with his passion, starting work on original screenplays and co-founding Fatal Funnel Films with his business partner, Philip Plowden. Drawing on his vast catalog of life experiences and his love for storytelling, Devon seeks to tell the kinds of stories that bring audiences together, exposing the every day drama of our lives with a twist of the macabre and a flair for the enigmatic. In 2016, Devon wrote the company's award-winning, thriller short film, Cellar Door.


Christian Crocker

The home video camera; an integral part of Christian Crocker’s life.  At an early age, Christian became infatuated with capturing moments in life, both big and small.  Born and raised on Chicago’s Northwest side in the Portage Park neighborhood, Christian spent most of his time shooting and editing short videos of his friends and family.  He carried this passion with him through college, where Christian studied film producing at Columbia College Chicago.  During his final semester he completed Columbia College’s Semester in Los Angeles Program: an intensive five-week program covering the creative, legal, and technical aspects of film and television producing.  While in LA, he interned for Romark Entertainment, working alongside prominent producer Rock Shaink, Jr.  Additionally, Christian was hired as a script reader for one of Hollywood's premiere script competitions where he read and scored countless scripts while also providing coverage services for up-and-coming writers. Upon his return to Chicago, Christian found work as a production office intern for the Netflix original series, Sense8, created by the Wachowskis, and as a production assistant for an upcoming feature film, Who Gets the Dog directed by Huck Botko. In 2015, Christian joined the creative team at Fatal Funnel Films as a Producer, where he served as the lead producer on the company's award-winning, thriller short film, Cellar Door.




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